Some tricks
for lovers of DIY paint

“Do you want to call a painter? No? Look and admire: the last month I painted my house by myself!”
Everybody has a relative or a friend who, sooner or later, will say these words.

He is the Handyman, the resourceful who thinks to be able to build a home by himself. It does not matter if you know that during his improvisation of a plumber, he flooded the living room, or that trying to assemble an Ikea’s wardrobe he bent over it for three days and three nights, with his bloodshot eyes, until his wife convinced him to desist and to call the experts.

It does not matter, because now you are in his house and the walls look like those of a furniture magazine.
You’re wondering if he lied… Did he play dirty contacting a painter secretly? No, he would never do it. He really managed to repaint his house without damages obtaining a professional result.
“But how?” you ask him.
The answer is easy: repainting your house by yourself is feasible, but also funny and very easy.
Let’s go see some simple adjustments and materials to start to paint your house.
You have to create a work plan, deciding what spaces of your house you want to renew.
Choose your favourite paint. On our site, in the section products, choose the DIY line.

Before starting to paint we suggest you to create a list with the material divided in:

1) Products for the fund preparation
2) Decorative product
3) Accessories for the pose

When the job is done, to avoid crying for the polka-dot couch and splattered wardrobe, make sure to prepare the room: take away the light furniture, separate from the wall that heavy and cover everything with towels, available light and heavy; finally, protect the electrical outlets, the windows and the doors with the paper tape, that you will use also to protect the frames between wall and ceiling or to create a partition between them.
In this case we suggest you to use the tape for masking out of accuracy that allows to be removed without affect the paint.

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Speaking about your clothing, Armani’s suits or high heels are not recommended.
Retrieve from the wardrobe your ripped jeans or use a disposable tracksuit.
Nobody wants that, laying the first coat of paint, the plaster starts to take off leaving unpleasant cracks. For this reason, care should be taken in the fund preparation. For every decorative paint presented on our site, you will find the tutorial, we suggest you to print it, from the title preparation of the support and application.

To obtain a perfect work, follow our advices step by step, controlling always the drying times of the product and its dilution. Now, you can start.

Using your concentration, start from the more difficult points: armed with a pasting brush, attack without delay the corners, the back of the radiators, the corners between shelves or furniture set at the walls, the contours of the doors. Now you can hold a roll or a brush, with an extension cord (telescopic shaft) and you can work on the ample spaces of walls and ceilings.
We suggest you, especially if you use the decorative paint, to start to paint the walls that will be covered by the furniture, in order to practice refining your decorative technique.
We recommend you to dip no more than half a brush in the bucket: an excess of paint it’s difficult to lay and increases the risk of casting on your hand. Immerse it gently and clean it on the edge of the bucket before work with it.

Now you should have everything you need and feel ready to undertake the satisfactory way of the DIY paint, but if you have other doubts, our staff is at your disposal. And remember, when the job is done, invite a friend or a relative for dinner!