Waiting for a child is a very happy event but it is immediately accompanied by the doubt: will it a boy or a girl? And later, the thought:What colour do we use for the room?? The traditionalists will choose standard colours: pink for girls and blue for boys or, to be sure, a white or a cream to decorate it successively.

However, there are a lot of parents that decide to use different colours from the classic ones; besides, they can repaint the room as the child grows, to accommodate his/her tastes, respecting his/her personality. This because the room is their safe house and it has to be comfortable.


Alongside the traditional colours and products as the Masonry Paints, today a wide range of chromatic solutions and decorative effects usable even for small areas of the room are available on the market.
A very interesting idea suitable for children of all ages is the creation of a game area with the Magnetized Blackboard Paint available in 6 colours that allows to use our children’s fantasy, also on the outside.

If practicality and cleaning is your goal we suggest washable paints as Pearl & & Gold Reflections, that is very easy to apply, it is available in 120 colours and it can be used also to create a decorative effect on already existing paints.
Everybody knows that girls are romantic, for them the ideal products are Diamond or Dusk, an explosion of glitter worthy of the best princesses.


The new Shabby trend has introduced new colours to decorate the walls of the kids’ room: green sage, blue dust and all the shades of bright colours as sand and beige. Velature is a decorative paint that recreates a soft effect on the wall, it is capable of enhancing the shabby chic rooms.

A recent study made by the Curtin University, in Australia, showed that bright colours as red and yellow, stimulate the attention and encourage the brain activity and the concentration.
You can choose to follow the design, the scientific researches or to support your tastes and those of your children.