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Painting the house in White - Mazza Paint Factory
Painting the house in white seems to be the easiest and fastest choice. You sometimes choose quickly or because you are worried about daring with colours.
Lo The water-based Varnish  of Mazza’s paint factory available in the Shiny and Opaque finishing is totally washable and it solves the problem of the stains. You need only a sponge!
This allows to your spaces to remain unchanged in time. Even if choosing white does not mean renouncing the pleasure of decorating.
Our decorative paints can help you to personalize your total white spaces according to your style.
Our decorative paints can help you to personalize your total white spaces according to your style. For classic spaces you can choose  Rastuk a lime stucco which reproduces the effects of the ancient Venetian mansions, it gives light enhancing your spaces. It is washable and auto-polishing, it doesn’t need the wax application. To create this paint is necessary the intervention of a specialized decorator… who knows the product to use it as best he can.
If you choose the DIY,  Sabbia is the right product for both classic and modern spaces, with only one coat of product, the rest is easy. If you want to highlight a corner of your house as the bed or couch wall, in the sand colour palette you will find different suitable strong but also neutral shades.
If you have pets or kids, i Pearl && Gold Reflections  the allow you to obtain a completely washable effect, very easy to use and  it can be embellished with our glitter. It is smooth to the touch.
In recent days, during a survey in the house of one of my clients, I discovered that also Magic Paint has a white shade with references to grey that, with a modern style, creates a very beautiful mix. Keeping the colour reference, you will have a lot of brightness.

I wish I’d been useful with my advices, I’ll wait for you in the next article, surely more coloured!

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