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From New York to London, the fashion shows that anticipate the 2018 trends

The fashion previews allow us to identify the trends in the new interior design collections for 2018. Pantone, the US company that identifies and catalogues the colours, has selected two new palettes that anticipate the 2018 trends, that come directly from the NYFW...

Painting the house in White

Painting the house in white seems to be the easiest and fastest choice. You sometimes choose quickly or because you are worried about daring with colours.

Choosing the colour of your walls

Choosing the colour of your walls can be very easy if you follow our advices. When we have to choose the colour of our walls, we start to daydream… we flip through magazines, we surf the web and we think that choosing the colour seen in that photo is enough to...

Colours of 2017

The arrival of the warmer weather is the best time to renew your home. Surely, you can have different and interesting ideas, but the originality is linked to a wise colour coordination. In this case, why don’t you take inspiration from the new tendency of 2017?...

Painting the kids’ room: the choice of colours

Waiting for a child is a very happy event but it is immediately accompanied by the doubt: will it a boy or a girl? And later, the thought:What colour do we use for the room?? The traditionalists will choose standard colours: pink for girls and blue for boys or, to be...

Four tricks to choose the colour of your kitchen

Four tricks to choose the colour of your kitchen Lights and colours for an enjoyable room! Everybody knows that decorating our house it’s very complicated, but the biggest nightmare is the kitchen! If decorating the other rooms is easy, finding a compromise between...

How to get an elegant and bright living room

Little tricks for a glamour living room How many times have you been guests of friends and relatives, feeling uncomfortable? And not for those people, with which you used to have a good time when you are out of the house, but for “something”? Che fosse per...

Painting your house quickly and well

Some tricks for lovers of DIY paint “Do you want to call a painter? No? Look and admire: the last month I painted my house by myself!” Everybody has a relative or a friend who, sooner or later, will say these words. He is the Handyman, the resourceful who thinks to be...

What our customers say about us

“The colour yield is truly extraordinary. They have recommended me the right quantities and the appropriate accessories for a perfect application. The glitter did the rest.”

Bianca M.

Freelance professional

“I used the Mazza’s products in my Dental studio, their silver ion products of the Sanit Paint’s line are ideal for people like me who have to work in a totally sterile space.”

Filippo B.


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