The fashion previews allow us to identify the trends in the new interior design collections for 2018.
Pantone, the US company that identifies and catalogues the colours, has selected two new palettes that anticipate the 2018 trends, that come directly from the NYFW and for the first time also from London. Leatrice Eisemam, Executive Director of Pantone, invites us to understand the differences in the use of the two palettes:
…” the colours..” she says …” are very similar, but it’s the combination that creates the differences…”
Starting from the advices of Leatrice Eisemam, we suggest you a mix of colours able to interpret not only your fashion style, but also the design of your spaces. The walls of your home will be dressed in trendy colours, take your fashion choice.
Are you more New Yorkers or Londoners?
Let’s find out.

This Marchesa dress is the perfect fusion of colours, style and elegance.

The rainbow of colours is attenuated by the wise use of the fabrics that creates a multicolour effect. If you want to recreate this effect on your walls, we suggest you the Decorative Paint Velature that, with its delicate shaded effects, will give to them a rainbow of elegance. You can reproduce the Neutral Grey (17-4402) with vl6110 in the application with a glove or a brush. For a more shimmering and metallic effect, the Sand palette with its 120 colours, will permit unusual combinations and trendy Must have the Golden Lime that, revoking the greenery of the last year, it’s perfectly reproducible with the variant sbp3092.
If you want to paint the walls, use the Washable Acrylic that will give to your surfaces a solid effect as mz1141 that is inspired by the Navy Peony.
Is the trip your mood? Paint a wall with the Magnetized Blackboard lv05, inspired by Autumn Maple (17-1145) and embellish it with the photos of your favourite landscapes, you need only a metal clip!
Bring home the sea and its wonderful shades with the decorative paint Pearl& Gold Reflections that, in the variant rfg358, will allow you to emulate the “very English”colour Shaded Spruce (19-4524).

decorative painting Velature

The ten colours that come from London are a joy of texture.
The atmospheres of the Londoner fashion shows arrive on the walls of your home, through a mix and match of decorative paints.

Londra Malone Souliers, Temperley, Erdem and Christopher Kane. Luxurious velvets and elaborate embroideries with golden details for Erdem.

Among our proposals to reproduce the Londoner atmospheres, we suggest you the decorative paint Diamond in the variants dm5009 e dm 5015 is able to paint your walls in the shades of lemon curry (15-0751) and golden olive (16-0639) which can be combined in contrast with the metallic shimmering effect of the paint Sand, reproducing the nuance Royal Lilac (18-3531) and Copper Tan (16-1338) with the variants sbp3076 and sbp3044.
If your interior design imposes neutral colours as toast (16-1331) and otter (18-1018), you can recreate sparkly atmospheres with the decorative paint Diamond in the variants dm5011 and dm5035.

Flaming is the nuance of Flame Scarlet (18-1662) that we suggest to prove for important corners of your home, maybe as a background for a bed in white leather, in the variant dm5064 which can be combined with a delicate Primrose Pink (12-2904) in the Dusk finishing dk4017.
With its silky and soft to the touch, the Nuage pwill bring the sky colours in your spaces and in the variants nu 7060to reproduce the Navy Peony (19-4029) and nu7058 to reproduce the Blue Bell (14-4121), it’s the decorative paint ideal for delicate shades and contrasts of colours in your most precious rooms.

It does not matter if your destination is New York or London, the essential in the design, as in fashion, is to personalize
We put the colour, you the fantasy… bon voyage!