Choosing the colour of your walls can be very easy if you follow our advices.
When we have to choose the colour of our walls, we start to daydream… we flip through magazines, we surf the web and we think that choosing the colour seen in that photo is enough to transform our home.

But sometimes it is not so easy. Your house will be different from that photo because everything is planned there: a vase of flowers, a pillow on the couch and even the photo album on the night table is coordinated. You will think… ok, I can do the same. But there are some factors that you are forgetting… I call them fixed points.
The fixed points are those elements of your furniture that are fundamental. The carpet bought during an exotic holiday, the grandmother’s dresser or the couch purchased the last year risking the divorce if you propose to change it to your husband.
At this point, all the lovers who are going to decorate their first home will think… we haven’t fixed points… we have to buy whole new!!
&nbsp…well, you don’t…surely you are indecisive among two kitchens or the wonderful idealistic bed, that will be yours.
Having fixed points is an advantage.
It helps you in the  first phase: the exclusion of colours.
Starting from fixed points you can exclude all the palettes different from the style of your home and you move to the second phase: choosing the decorative effect.

Choosing the favourite decorative effect is very important because the same yet shiny or opaque colour creates a different atmosphere.
We should not forget that in the recent decorative effects there are cargos and pigments that modify the tonality of the product also with the same formulation.
Among our Decorative Paints you can choose between different effects, you can consult all the folders, the selection will be done during the  third phase: the choice of the surfaces that we have to decorate.

At this point you have to choose how to paint your walls.
You can opt for a unique colour I suggest you bright colours, focusing your attention on the various shades. Try to identify 2 or 3 of these colours, compare and overlap them and, if you are still indecisive, you can order a sample to prove it on your walls. I always suggest to apply chosen colours in the brightest and darkest part of your house seeing the differences caused by the sunlight. Instead, if you want to to choose more colours start from the strongest tonality. Refer to the fixed points, combine the couch or the dresser and then choose the brightest tonalities to coordinate.
To create a boiseriè in double colour you need to control the furniture heights. Normally a darker colour is preferred until 90cm, 1m and then there is the coordination of a brighter tonality. In kid’s rooms and in modern spaces you can combine also contrasting colours. I suggest you a last thing: choose the colour of your walls according to your style, follow your intuitions… rules are made to be broken!

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